While a lot of people like the convenience of cooking a quick meal on the grill, some people prefer the taste of smoked meat, which is pretty common when barbecuing. This type of meat is also likely to be particularly tender due to the slow cooking process using indirect heat and low temperatures. While it's possible to use a regular kettle grill to impart a smoky taste to grilled meats, there are a number of benefits to opting for one of the best smokers available instead.

Ease of Use

With a regular grill, it requires quite a close watch and a lot of fussing to keep the grill at the proper temperature for smoking meat, which is typically in between 225 degrees and 275 degrees. If you use one of the smokers for sale instead, you'll find that the temperature stays in a much narrower range, making it so you don't need to check on the meat quite as often or make as many adjustments to control the temperature.

Flavor Imparted

Using one of the 2016 top rated smokers means that you'll get a lot more smoky flavor in the meat using less wood than if you tried to smoke the meat with a regular kettle grill. The meat from the kettle grill will still be okay, but it isn't necessarily going to be proclaimed the best barbecue anyone has even eaten. In taste tests, meat cooked using a smoker is more likely to win this honor.

Choosing a Smoker

When it comes to smokers, you'll need to spend a decent amount to get a good one. Many of the less-expensive offset models don't tend to work as well and aren't as good at holding a consistent temperature. Those who truly don't want to worry about the consistency of the temperature or cooking of their smoker may want to opt for an electric or gas smoker, but cookers that use charcoal are great for those willing to spend a bit more time checking on their food while it's cooking. Using a ceramic model can be a good way to maximize heat while minimizing the amount of fuel necessary, as the ceramic is great for holding in the heat. Vertical water smokers are a good option for those who want to keep the temperature stable without a lot of work and minimize the risk of flare-ups without spending a lot of money. They are good for situations, like some competitions, where gas and electric smokers aren't allowed.